Why Scan Your Negatives?

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Family history: If you wish to preserve all the memories of your children growing up and have many children, how will you divide the pictures among them? You can give all your children a single copy so that they can keep with them forever.

Lasting memories: With time, all of your old pictures will get faded or finally damaged as well. The very old pictures of the sixties and seventy’s must have now lost all the colour that they had. Before they get entirely damaged, take action and allow ScantoDigital to scan all your negatives and let it made beautiful pictures in order to restore its colour. We have fixed, but very flexible prices and we will bring back your old memories and restore all your favourite ones.

Gifts: If any of your relatives or friends birthday about to come, then how about you gift them all the memories of their past. You can make them quite embarrassed by gifting them their old small baby pictures and revive all of their memories of the past. If the negative has been scanned, it can be used for more than just books such as for rings, calendars, mugs etc.

Sharing on social media: Nowadays Facebook and Twitter are very common and people share their old pictures on them. You can now also upload modern pictures in order to give a very retro like feeling on Instagram and allow your friends to view the real retro pictures.