Suggestions on Storing Photo Prints and Film.

In the previous article, we found out how long do the films last. Now in this article, we will provide you with a few advices about how you can store prints and films of yours.
You have to make sure that your photo prints and films are stored properly and possible to get digitised.

• Make sure that you preserve your film including the negatives as well as the slides, in a good quality plastic album because they will then produce good results.
• You should also make sure that the quality of your photo albums should be such that they can be used easily in the long run. The ones that are made of the cheap quality and are not expensive get damaged easily. Although, archival albums are a good choice, but the best option would be to store the prints on original paper as it is maintained perfectly then.
• Once stored, preserve these pictures in an airtight plastic box or tub and put inside moisture absorbers to preserve your paper. You should do this specially if you live in a place where the weather is very humid.
• Do not put your tubs where there is a lot of sunlight or somewhere where there is a lot of humidity. Put the plastic tubs at dry places where there is no moisture at all.
Keep your prints and photos organised time to time to prevent any mess. If you prints and films, then do not get scan them. Instead, trust us to do this special service for you. If you will scan them yourself, due to the poor quality scanning they can quickly get damaged. We will be extremely happy to provide you with our service.scanning service

It takes more time to scan and prepare small and narrow film strips and albums. At ScantoDigital, we will be delighted to provide this service to you as well, however, this can be quite expensive even more than the standard scanning.

After your film is now scanned, you have both the low resolution as well as the high-resolution pictures for the archival you can use to not use your film anymore. You should be very happy about the storage medium that you have for instance, CD’s can be used for more than 20 years and USB sticks can also be used for a long time period. However, you should make sure that you do not use magnetic fields and avoid places where there is a lot of moisture.
We always advise our customers to keep and store more than one copy of their pictures collection as well store your picture collections on more than one place so incase of theft, flood or any other damage, you have another backups of your picture collections.