How long do film slides and negatives last?

Exactly how long can a film slide last depends on the fact that how much you care for it and keep it safe. There are two enemies of the film slides and negatives and those are high and low temperature and the level of humidity. Apart from storing the film slides and negatives safely, the original film medium which is used also causes affects it also.

35mm slide

The colours fade, their contrast deteriorates and there are a lot of changes in the films which occurs. Kodachrome and B and W are one of the oldest films, and since they were made out of the best quality, they do not deteriorate. B and W film slides are made up of silver crystals on emulsion and you can check out your old photos made of this film to make sure that they are going to last for a very long time.
Kodachrome slide film has the additive film emulsion in which the colour dye used to be in the chemicals instead of being in the film. Kodachrome films have been there since the year 1930 and to this day if you see it, there are still the same.
The other side to all this are the photographers who use normal colour slides as well as normal negative films which can provide quick results but used with cheap plastic sleeves. The stock photo films quality has deteriorated badly since the last 30 years and the most noticeable flaw is the colour quality. Those photos which are now older than 20 years are now very blurry.

The standard films used were dyed with many layers of emulsion. The dye’s colour fades away too quickly. The quality of the dye used in this film was never up to the mark to let it stay in its original shape and colour since all these years. The dye fades along with the colour and other detailing and photo grains also start to appear on the photos.

However, it can be quite critical if you capture the images by using good quality scanners which are on the archival mode along with extremely high resolution and the right amount of depth. You should make sure that the file is not small, if it is large at least you are on the safe side. You can get to know more details about some more settings in the FAQ’s. With the use of those settings, you can adjust the colour according to your desire, adjust the contrast as well as make use of some excellent softwares like Lightroom and Photoshop.
After you have optimised and scanned your film properly, you must create an image with a very low resolution in order to see it from a high-resolution image and then you can easily get rid of your film. You need to confidently think about your storage options, such as CD’s are supposed to last for more than 20 years and USB sticks last for almost decades. However, you need to avoid magnetic fields as well as moisture.

You should keep more than one copy of your films so incase one gets lost or damaged you have another copy with you in order to preserve your special memories. It is suggested that you keep one copy at your home and one at some other place so that if there is a fire or a flood at your place, you have a backup somewhere else.

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