Our Document Scanning Service

We would scan your documents to Digital.

document scanning

You can use our documen scanning services if you want to turn your documents into digital format. We will provide you with the best service because we make use of the best flatbed scanners which will make sure that your documents are not damaged or ruptured.

The use of good quality flatbed scanners ensures that your documents will not get damaged as they will not be any need for them to pass through a machine. Although, we mostly scan pictures at 300 DPI but if there is a special requirement of the customer to enlarge the size, we do that as well.

Those customers who live near our shop, we provide door to door facility as well. Our staff will come and take the documents from you, scan them, put your documents in the DVD or CD and then personally come and return it to you.(Bulk order only)


Document Scanning Details

  • £0.35 per image(300 DPI)
  • £0.40 per image(600 DPI)
  • Any size upto A4
  • Any size upto A3 add extra £0.16p PP
  • Documents scanned as PDF
  • Price includes cost of CD/DVD


Read more information regarding scanning documents to digital.

DPI Dots per inch is the term used to measure the density of an image, namely the number of dots that can be placed in a line within 1 inch (2.54cm). The higher the DPI used to scan an image, the larger the resulting file will be. Most photographs are printed at 300 DPI, and so scanning at a higher resolution wont improve the quality of the image, however if you intend to print enlargements using a photo printing website it will be better to scan your photo’s at a higher resolution and send them the high resolution file. Some web sites will enlarge the print using low quality software, so the more you can do to minimize the changes your printers need to do the better.


ScantoDigital is happy to scan your documents in your choice of resolution file format (JPEG / PDF) at no extra cost. By default your documents will be scanned at 300 DPI into PDF format, if you have different requirements please let us know in the special instructions of our order page or when you speak to us on the phone.