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For scanning service, ScantoDigital provides excellent 35mm slide scanning service, 8mm film scanning, photo scanning service which will enable you to view your old 35mm slides, 8mm film, 35mm film negatives on the latest gadgets such as mobile phones, televisions, photo frames and tablets.

scanning service

35mm Slide Scanning Service UK

We convert 35mm slide to digital file

We offer 35 mm slids scanning service from which you can revive your old 35 millimetres slides to digital file format such as jpeg. We provide slide scanning service which will enable you to view your 35mm slides on the latest gadgets such as mobile phones, televisions, photo frames and tablets.

8mm film to digital

8mm Film to Digital Format

We convert 8mm film to digital

At ScantoDigital, we provide you with the best 8mm film scanning service and help to preserve your memories forever. We provide special facility to the customers who live in Coventry and surrounding areas by collecting their 8mm film film from their doorstep.

16mm film to digital

16mm Film to Digital Format

We convert 16mm film to digital

At ScantoDigital, we provide you with the best 16mm film scanning service and help to preserve your memories forever. We provide special facility to the customers who live in Coventry and surrounding areas by collecting their 16mm film film from their doorstep.

Home of Digitisation

We are bulk slide scanner for 35mm slides, Transparency and Photos

We are bulk slide scanner serving Coventry, Rugby, Daventry, Nuneaton, Bedworth, Leamington-Spa, Kenilworth, Warwick, Birmingham, Northampton, Hinckley and Leicester.

You can save all your pictures and keep them as memories by using the services of ScantoDigital. It does not matter if you have old pictures, negatives, slides or 8mm film. If you trust ScantoDigital, The Imaging Professionals Company, they will change all these old negatives to the modern day like digital images so that you can share them on the social media ( Facebook and Twitter) or on other photobooks.

Transparency Scanning & Photo Scanning Service

film negatives

Negatives Scanning

Film negatives conversion to digital format

We provide you with the best film negative scanning services and help to preserve your memories forever. All the film negatives are scanned with good quality flatbed scanners and are also scanned properly with the new ICE technology so that all the scratches and dust is removed.

photo scanning

Photo Scanning to Digital

We convert photos to digital format

You can use our photo scanning services if you want to turn your old pictures into digital style. We will provide you with the best service because we make use of the best flatbed scanners which will make sure that your old pictures are not damaged or ruptured so that you can preserve your memories forever.

Document Scanning

Bulk Document Scanning

Bulk Documents Scanning to Digital

At ScantoDigital, your documents get scanned by trained technicians with hands along with editing to get them in format required by our client. Available in Jpg or PDF format. The process protects and ensures quality of the documents after they appear digitally.

Home of Digitisation

Turning old 35mm slides, 35mm film negatives to digital formats

You can save all your pictures and keep them as memories by using the services of ScantoDigital. It does not matter if you have old pictures, negatives, slides or 8mm film. If you trust ScantoDigital, The Imaging Professionals Company, they will change all these old negatives to the modern day like digital images so that you can share them on the social media ( Facebook and Twitter) or on other photobooks.

Home of Digitisation

Photo Restoration & Photo Enlargement Service

Whatever your photo restoration, photo enlargement, photo printing and photo framing needs, the imaging professionals at the ScantoDigital are capable to deliver your expected result. We can enlarge photo as small as passport photo size to as big as A2 size with little loss in quality.

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What Clients Say?

  • We were planning for a tribute to our grandparents on their wedding anniversary. After being exploited by a so-called “film scanning service” provider, we were left with just a few days to get things ready. Scantodigital helped us out by delivering the videos in only a few days. They communicated well, gave us hope, and what they produced was indeed a masterpiece. They helped us in making our special day more special, without making any compromise in quality. We would highly recommend them

    Debora Hope
    Financial Advisor, Nuneaton
  • Scan2Digital has courteous and professional team members. They picked up my 35mm slides for scanning and dropped them to my home. They handled everything with care and returned perfectly finished CDs within a short period. I found them great because everything was well organised. The scans are equipped with special colour correction features and digital ICE. It can eliminate all the scratches and dust. There is no need to waste your memories because they can convert all files into JPEG or PDF.

    Robert. T. Donna
    Hotel Manager, Daventry
  • Scan2Digital was awesome. I used their slide scanner to convert my old memories into JPEG files. They especially scan each file to maintain their proper colour. Their scanners have ICE technology to remove scratches and dust. For 35mm slides, you can choose between two types of resolutions, such as 1200 and 4800 dots per inch. I was more excited because I got a discount on my large orders. They have glass sliders and experts in managing this work. Now I am looking forward to get the advantage of photo scanning services. They offer multi-format copies for the convenience of customers. I got two discs and a DVD slideshow.

    Alisa Keran
    Immigration Lawyer, Leicester
  • For small businesses, it can be costly to arrange an ample storage space. Hence, I was looking for a scanning service expert. Scanning essential documents can free up your space. It was useful for me to decrease additional expenses and generate more profit. Instead of reserving a massive cabinet, I stored thousands of files on a server. I found it an affordable solution to preserve my essential data. Scan2Digital makes my life easy with document scanning service.

    Lilly Mike
    Security Officer, Coventry
  • Scantodigital did a great job! I was concerned with my negatives and wanted them scanned and converted into a digital format to preserve them. I tried some others over time but didn’t get the desired results. After spending a lot of time and money on different film scanning services for my negatives, they were instead one of my last tries. The quality of the converted videos was terrific. I started with some negatives to test their expertise and ended up having all of my videos scanned. They delivered better than my expectations.
    Thank you!

    David Smith
    Customer Service, HSBC
  • I had always been fascinated by the beauty of nature. I always tried to shoot 35mm slides or get some clicks for my collection. My collection included slides of the past 30 years, and I wanted to preserve them, by getting them scanned into a digital format, but I was also concerned with the quality since I did not want my hard work to get wasted away. I scrolled the internet for many film scanning services and decided to try a couple of them. Scantodigital went above and beyond my expectations, and the quality of work was impressive. I would highly recommend their services and would use them myself again soon.

    John Phill
    Business Analyst, Northampton
  • First things first, they are highly cooperative workers who know their job. I had many 35 mm slides of my mother, including her wedding slides as well. The slides were over two decades old, but thanks to Scantodigital, I know have them converted into digital format without having to compromise on the quality. Their bulk scanning services deserve appreciation, and their communication is very cordial. Overall, they deliver what they claim, and the price for the services is also affordable—more power to your team.

    Kelly Hay
    Store Manager
  • I was searching for a reliable photo scanning service to restore the memories of my family. After using some services, I was utterly disappointed. One day I came to know about Scan2Digital photo scanning service. With their help, it was easy for me to change all old negatives to digital images. I am highly thankful to Scan2Digital scanning service. Now I have my photos in PDF or digital format. Now I want to use this service for my remaining collection. Moreover, I will recommend my friends and family members to use their services.

    Linda James
    Service Manager, Rugby
  • Fantastic service for document scanning and 35mm film scanning. With their best film scanning services, it will be easy for you to preserve your precious memories. Scan2digital helped me to preserve an inherited film for my future generations. They collected my film from my doorstep and converted it into a modern format. I was surprised by the high-quality output. For the safety of our precious memories, they use bonded courier service. No doubt, memories of our family members are irreplaceable, and Scan2Digital understands their importance. Moreover, the prices of these services were affordable. I highly recommend the use of their services.

    Sofia T. Lair
    Letting Agent, Bedworth
  • For document scanning, there is nothing better than Scan2Digital. It is one of the best scanning services. They use a flatbed scanner to avoid any damage to documents. I wanted to scan my important document for data security. With their help, I had managed my record successfully. They saved my documents in soft copy. Undoubtedly, it is challenging to protect hard copies. Scanned documents are easy to encrypt and protect by passwords. After scanning, it is easy to share documents with all staff members. You can blindly trust on Scan2Digital scanning services.

    Tony R. Robert
    Nail Designer, Hinckley
  • With high-quality and high-resolution scans of Scan2Digital, you can protect your memories. They offer 35mm scanning service at an affordable price. Their affordable services allow you to view your slides on the current gadgets, including photo frames, tablets, television, and phones. There is no need to worry about scratches and dust. Fortunately, Scan2Digital will help you to protect your precious photos and files. You must not worry about the colours and quality. I will highly recommend the use of these services for the protection of your memories.

    Fredrick Mark
    Handyman, Coventry
  • I currently had photo scanning services of Scan2Digital from an old slide of my father. The result was beautiful because they use the latest scanners. I was delighted with the clarity and colour of the pictures. No doubt, my first experience was outstanding. Scan2Digital helped me to get my legacy back. I would use this service again in the future. I highly recommend you to try their incredible services just for once. For bulk orders, you can get a discount.

    Jonny Robert
    Fleet Driver, Rugby
  • For me, Scan2Digital is an ultimate scanning service. From document scanning to film and negative scanning, they are perfect in everything. They offer top-quality scans, such as 300dpi for slides and negative and 600dpi for paper photographs. If you need high-quality scans, you can trust their professional team. Unlike others, they don’t charge extra money for image restoration, higher resolution, and DVD. If you need high-quality scans at an affordable price, you can trust their experts. I have hired them several times to scan documents and film. Their scan to digital scanning service is mind-blowing. You should not worry about data security. ScantoDigital offers exceptional discounts for bulk slide scanner jobs. If you are new to this world, you can trust them and protect your precious documents.

    Gary Korch
    Math Teacher, Dudley
  • If you are worried about your precious memories, you are in the right place. I want to say thanks to Scan2Digital for helping me to preserve the heritage of my family. It was an incredible experience for me. I heard about them through one of my friends and decided to use their negative scanning service. They collected negatives from my doorstep as it lived in the Bognor Regis. After scanning, they put all the pictures on a DVD. Initially, I was worried about colours, but thanks to their experts and advanced technology. All pictures were clear and bright. I was thrilled with the colours and quality of images. Highly recommended services.

    Suzanne Pittle
    Beautician, Banbury
  • Scan2Digital is an affordable service provider to scan negatives, films, documents, and photos. With their assistance, the scanning job will be flawless and cheap. Remember, it can be expensive to scan over 500 pictures. You have to spend several hours in scanning. Moreover, the quality of the scanner is another critical consideration. It can be expensive to buy a high-quality flatbed scanner. For this reason, you are advised to use Scan2Digital services. I highly recommend their scanning services. They can convert a film into a digital format. Moreover, you can trust them to scan your official documents.

    Harry R. Fetyani
    Lorry Driver, Warwick
  • With the help of Scan2Digital, it was easy for me to surprise my dad on his birthday. My dad had some old films containing their best memories. In the modern era, films are becoming old. For this reason, I contacted Scan2Digital to try their film scanning services. I am happy for choosing them because it was the best decision of my life. They converted the film to the latest digital version. My dad claimed that it was the best gift of his life. Thanks a lot Scan2Digital for making this day really special for my dad.

    Jim S
    Plumber, Kenilworth
  • I am running a small company to produce content for other people. Once we need to scan some articles from a magazine. Apparently, it was an easy job, and we started it usually. Unfortunately, we were terribly failed because of the poor colours and quality of articles. A few scanned pages were slightly crooked. Things were becoming difficult when I came to know about Scan2Digital. They perfectly scan pages for me and returned the magazine in perfect condition. Now I am a big fan of Scan2Digital. No doubt, they are a scanning service expert.

    Nicole. T
    News Editor, Birmingham
  • Undoubtedly, excellent services and a fabulous company. They helped me with my tapes because these were bigger than others. Other people refused that they don’t have the necessary equipment to handle these tapes. I talked to their customer service team and shared my problem. They were ready to scan my tapes, and it was unbelievable. I handed over this job to them, but with some doubts. I was anxiously waiting for the outcome. After receiving my digital and printed copies, I was delighted. Now I will always use their service. Thanks a lot.

    Laura Kiernan
    Customer Service, Coventry
  • Thank you Scan2Digital for saving my valuable family slides. It was a smart decision to choose their film scanning service. The staff was helpful during the process. With their high-quality slide scanner, they offer two types of resolutions, such as 1200 to 4800 dots per inch. For some pictures, I select 4800 dots per inch. They perfectly scan different slides of Fujichrome. They created a beautiful slideshow on DVD that I terribly needed to play on my mother’s birthday. I am completely satisfied with their incredible services. I got extra copies to share with my siblings. Thank you, Scan2Digital!

    Vickie Robert
    Home Decorator, Nuneaton
  • I am pleased to find Scan2Digital. Initially, I tested their film scanning service, and the results were amazing. They helped me to convert my 8mm film into a modern format. With their assistance, I successfully restored my old films. Remember, they use advanced telecine machines and flying spot scanners. Therefore, they convert every frame in digital lines to make up digital frames. You will get high-resolution output in different formats. Highly recommended!

    Carol James
    Fitness Trainer, Leamington-Spa
  • ScantoDigital becomes a saviour for me after beautifully restoring my documents and photographs. After hearing about them, I shared some unorganised records, documents, and photographs. Remember, some photographs were from 1920. When I received scanned documents and photos, I was surprised. Everything was perfect from colour, quality, and size. They restored the treasure of my family at an affordable price. It will be wrong if I don’t say anything about the professionalism of their staff. Each member of their team is professional and cooperative. With their bulk slide scanner, they allow you to enjoy a discount. Thanks!

    Diana Mollie
    Driving Instructor, Coventry
  • I am here to share my true feelings about ScantoDigital. They helped me to restore my essential documents. With a 35mm scanning service, they are perfect for restoring films and documents. I had almost lost my essential documents during a flood. In this situation, I was feeling helpless when someone told me about ScantoDigital. I contacted them and sent my documents and tape. They promised me to restore all my essential data on a DVD. When I got photos and DVDs, I was stunned. The result was astonishing. Now I always rely on them to protect my documents electronically. Thanks ScantoDigital, you are actually a lifesaver.

    Steven Hall
    Site Manager, Hinckley
  • I am a happy and frequent customer of Scan2Digital. They always helped me with my paperless projects. When I decided to go paperless, I was thinking of buying a scanner. Unfortunately, I did not have sufficient money to buy a high-quality scanner. Then I came to know about them and find their document scanning affordable. The results of my first order were incredible. With bulk slide scanner, they can handle large quantities with ease. Their staff members are professional and cooperative. Now my data is secured without any clutter in my office. I am satisfied with their environmentally friendly services. I highly appreciate them for their support. Thanks

    Marina Fischer
    Lecturer, Warwick University
  • Very pleasant and professional staff. I wanted to restore a few tapes of my family. They helped me with this procedure. Actually, I was looking for some special videos; therefore, I asked them to convert all the tapes. Fortunately, they transferred all the tapes to DVD at an affordable price. Their staff was extremely cooperative. I was anxious about the conversion process. They were in consistent communication with me. The final outcome was incredible. I highly recommend their services to everyone.

    Mario Brandon
    Graphic Designer, Oxford
  • Before relocating to my new office, I was looking for a storage solution. For the security of my data, I needed electronic copies. Thanks to ScantoDigital for making things easy. I shared my printed papers with them for document scanning. Fortunately, I obtained everything in PDF and JPG along with a DVD. I got a discount because of my bulk order. Now my data is secured on the cloud. They always offer their services at an affordable price. It was a pleasure to work with them. Thanks for your high-quality and incredible services.

    Jim Rondeau
    Painter, Warwick
  • Thanks ScantoDigital for your incredible photo scanning service. They helped me to complete my memory book for the birthday of my grandparents. I had some old photographs, but these were not presentable. The old photos were not digitally presentable. I shared this issue with professionals of ScantoDigital. They promised to help me in digitising images. I sent all the photos to them and got them back before the birthday of my grandparents. With this collection, it was easy for me to complete a photo book. They helped me a lot to make my birthday memorable. I highly recommend you to use these services. These services are reliable, friendly, and fast. Thank you

    Robin Gaylord
    Store Manager, Walsall
  • We are delighted with their services. Scantodigital delivers precisely what they quote. We got a bunch of documents and photos scanned from them. They communicate well, organise everything, and provide the best. I must say that some of the pictures were very old, and we didn’t expect them to get scanned. But they not only managed to scan them, but they delivered quality photo scanning service. They are reliable, friendly, and they kept me updated throughout the scanning process.

    Adam Stearman
    Home Manager, Allesley
  • I was concerned with my videos and did not want them to be misused or damaged since they included rare family videos as well. Scantodigital won my trust with their communication, and I decided to use their film scanning services. I got many of my 35mm slides, and 16 mm slides converted into digital format. All the slides were smoothly scanned, and thanks to them, I don’t need to have three projectors for different slide format. I now have all the videos with me that can be easily played on any device. Thank you so much

    John Ellison
    Interior Decorator, Walsall
  • Scantodigital were kind enough to get my collection the photos for home. I also wanted to get some documents attached, but I was worried since I did not have a pleasant experience with document scanning before. They handled everything with care, scanned everything with responsibility ensuring nothing gets damaged, and they delivered an exceptional output. The quality of the photos was perfect, and the scanned documents were clear as well. Thank you so much! I would highly recommend them since they are highly devoted and passionate service providers.

    Nigel Gibbs
    Baker, Rugby
  • Scantodigital helped me in converting my 35mm slides into digital format. What inspires me most is their quality service at the most affordable price. I have been using their services for a while, and would highly recommend them to everyone who is searching for quality work. They are so kind that they picked the films from my home, and also provided the delivery once the job was done. Thank you so much.

    Candy Stanton
    Florist, Coventry


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